Friday, May 31, 2013


I saw a need for an answer to this question because I found very little on the internet when I went in search for an answer.  You've all seen the car-seat commercial: A bunch of parents standing around in the park talking about what is good or what is bad for their babies.  One parent says it is bad for babies to touch silver.  This comment about the silver piqued my interest because I had never heard anything about silver hurting babies before.  Well folks, given the global economy we have these days, here's your most obvious answer.

Much of the silver-plated objects you see these days are plated over other types of metal, including pewter, which is an amalgam of other types of metal, including silver, and is known to also contain lead.  Much of the so-called "silver"jewelry or silver-plated jewelry is imported from China and is really pewter and contains very little silver.  Much of it has a very thin silver coating.  It looks great when you first wear it, but once exposed to body oils, the silver plating wears off and you are exposed to the base metal through your skin.  Babies grabbing at your necklace get exposed to the lead  by putting your necklace directly in their mouths while you hold them.  Babies touching any silver-looking object get exposed by hand to mouth!

We've all learned through the years that lead causes brain damage to the developing brain.  We've all read the hazards of lead paint in our environment.  Lead is particularly bad for babies because babies continuously grab at things and then put their fingers in their mouths.  These days, one can't be sure of the origin of metal objects in our environment.  Don't let your baby touch silver-looking objects!  Pay particular attention to old items that look to be silver but are actually pewter or have a silver plating over pewter.  PEWTER contains lead.  Pay particular attention to any jewelry that you believe to be silver and may have come from China.  That silver spoon somebody gave you as a baby present?  Don't trust it.  Get it tested.  I wouldn't even use it.  So much of the silver you see these days isn't the 925 you expect it to be.  There's your answer, folks!


  1. I googled looking for a backup to the ad's statement & found this. I believe you're correct. STERLING SILVER, however, is good for babiesas real silver is a bacteriaside.... holds bacteria to itself .

  2. Very nice, thank you for taking the time in looking into this. I am a grandma and was concerned.